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Exclusive Process
Adds Texture, Exposes the Woods Natural Beauty
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Natural Beauty Exposed
A Reclaimed Alternative with Colored Stains
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Groovy Wood Products

Our mission is to supply a sustainable new wood product that exposes the natural beauty in the grain and knots of each individual piece of wood. We are environmentally conscious and our proprietary process uses recycled materials. Our goal is to give our customers a one-of-a-kind wood product, which meets or exceeds all their needs and wants while providing the best customer service in the industry.

Our process allows the wood's grain and knots to come through revealing nature's wooden canvas, giving it a 3-dimensional look. No two boards are alike, each board has a unique "fingerprint" giving it a distinguished look and feel.

For those looking for the reclaimed wood look we offer colors and stains adapted from the rustic wood barns, siding, and flooring found in historic buildings. Our new wood is cut to exact specs, resulting in very little waste when the product is installed. In comparison, 30-70% of reclaimed wood ends up being unusable due to rot, splits, and defects.   Groovy Wood is the perfect choice for the eco-conscious user wanting that reclaimed look.